Meet 8-year-old girl who lives with monkeys, does not talk like humans and walk on four ‘legs’ (Photos/Video)


How did she end up there? how has she survived this years? ‘Mogwli girl’?

These are questions from people, The media after an 8-year-old Indian girl was found living with monkeys, she walks on four, gaggles, screeches, make animal noise(s) and dont talk like humans. she was found two months ago in a remote nature reserve in Bahraich, Nothern India.

According to the Police on how they found her in the reserve; ‘She appeared at home with the monkeys’.  They further added that investigations are ongoing to determine how long she has been with they apes and where she came from,.

Here is a Video of her at the hospital making animal noises and other scary behaviors, after the cut


She is currently receiving treatments, here is what the hospital’ spoke-person has to say




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