what are we angry about?


What are we angry about? Why is it that most people are frustrated and they tend to tagged it on innocent people? We all have made mistakes. We are not perfect. I listen more to someone who contributes in my life than someone who just sit somewhere judging me. Most people see only the negative and not the positive. They will never speak well about you because they believe it might make you appear better than them. They tend to see the bad than the good. Beware people speak not because they want to speak well but they want to appear good to others. Making you appear bad so people will think they are better.

Learn to make mistakes but let them be of your choice not others. Live your life with a good conscience and forget what people think or say. Many people today are unhappy because they made choices based on other people opinion and not theirs. They live with other people’s philosophy and not theirs. We all should understand that what works for others may or may not work for us.

There is always someone you are better than and there is always someone who is better than you. Do not compare but try and run as fast as you can and not as you want. I am an introvert person but I do care. I care about a lot of things but sometimes is good to lock out your feelings. Feelings makes us to see reasons and that’s why we end up as a pawn.

Always listen to your will and let your ego come after. A person who love himself is never alone. Look deep inward, something better calls.




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