Towards the end of every stream of NYSC batch we conduct a thorough investigation on the best NYSC camp according to the reports we get from corp members
So far we have heard a lot. The good, the bad and the ugly which includes;
The snake bitting, The manual labour and the good communication
The Lagos NYSC camp located at Iyana-Ipaja, Agege L.G.A has been awarded to be the best camp for Batch A Stream 1 2017 according to the report we got from a corp members who explained the following:
Lagos camp was not supposed to handle more than 2000 corps members but was sent over 2400 corps members and reformation and planing was  made to accommodate and provide for all
The State Coordinator Prince Mohammed Momoh gave out his number on the first day of camp,opening up a good line of communication between the corps members and the officials, he always replied every message or call and saw to the needs of the corp members
Discipline is the motto in the camp as the drills and training are all obeserved and done religiously
Proper beds and bunks with enough restrooms was provided for all corp members
Food served in camp is more than good,reports say the food is really nice and enough for everyone
Their is fun time in camp where different artists and comedians come to lighten the mood
All officials always treat corp members like family and they have be order in camp
It takes a lot to direct all this,so credit should be given to the Camp Commandant and all the directors in camp
Who wouldn’t want to stay in Lagos State Camp?
The best camp for Batch A stream 1 is Lagos State




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