Clement Eze: Between Ekweremadu and injustice to Udi people


The Scripture says: we shall know the truth, and the truth we know shall set us free. In other words, the knowledge of the Word of God liberates mankind from the clutches of darkness and slavery. It was in the same vein that Utman Dan Fodio said that conscience is an open wound and only truth can heal it. This is the crux of this write-up. Going further, It is an indisputable fact that craving for power and its glory lead men and women to so many things – struggles, squabbles and even wars. Those who had tasted power always want to keep it, hardly wanting to let it slip off their hands. Both a lover and the man in possession of power behave in the same way. They lose their heads easily, and could go to any length to keep their precious possession.

This partly explains why the French political philosopher, Montesquieu once said: “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is also why the like of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Paul Biya of Cameroun have continued to cling to power desperately against popular wish of their people. Fortunately, those who had chosen to cling to power at all cost are often disgraced out of office, not just by the people, but the Almighty God, who is the supreme judge of all mortals. This is essentially the main purpose of this piece. I want enjoin the good people of Enugu West to advise the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu to give way for others in spirit of fairness, equity and good conscience.

Recall again that reason adduced by the coalition of 25 State Chairman of political parties of Enugu West extraction was on the basis of rotational principles that would enable every local government in Enugu West to produce a senator at their own time. According one of the arrow head of the coalition Hon. Edwin Ikechukwu Alor, who is also the Chairman of Accord Party in Enugu State, the argument that the current Senator, DSP Ike Ekweremadu, representing West should continue because of experience is lame, an immoral and impotent postulate that is selfish, self-serving and insensitive to the rotational principle, which had engendered political harmony and peace in the area.
Beyond this: premising the logic that Ekweremadu should continue on the basis of experience amounts to asking him to remain in the Senate for life, because the more he stays in the Senate, the more experiences he would continue to garner. The truth is that those who are plotting for Ekweremadu to remain in the Senate at all cost are opportunists who has chosen to destroy their consciences for their selfish reasons.
Our initial reaction to the plot of these selfish and desperate politicians and jobbers to re-elect Senator Ekweremadu for the fifth time as a senator to represent Enugu West was that of “siddon dey look” moreso, when the zone can boast of outstanding and highly accomplished personalities who have the capacity to convince Senator Ekweremadu to drop the idea so that posterity would judge him fairly. It is our belief that a man who has represented such a highly sophisticated and complex people of Enugu West for 16 solid years must be a superman, and must acknowledge that God has highly favoured him.
It was the late literary giant, Chibua Achebe that once said in one of his book, Things Fall Apart, “Let those whose nuts have been cracked by benevolent spirit learn to be humbled. As things stands now, it would be difficult to rationalize Senator Ekweremadu’s desperate bid to cling to power, apart from the fact that having tasted power, he has chosen to cling to power.
Coming from an environment that have produced the world best, name them: C.C. Onoh, Enechi Onyia, Daddy Onyema, Justices Aniagolu, Nnaemeka Agu, Edozie, Chukwuma Eneh, Eze Ozobu, Sullivan Chime, Allison Madueke, Joe Orji, Umezurike, Prof Chinedu Nebo etc, our beloved Senator would have realized that he got to where he is by the special grace of God, and not by his ability. It is on record that Senator Ekweremadu was took his legal tutelage at the Chambers of Enechi Onyia. Let me Senator Ekweremadu:

How many times has he gone Enechi Onyia elderly advice. Unfortunately, the recruitment, mentoring and empowerment of the political leadership in Enugu State is not anything to good to talk about because the predominant of the new emerging political class are totally disconnected from elders of the State, resulting in a situation where the current leaders do not find it expedient to seek the wise counsel of the leaders and founding fathers of Enugu State. But another worrisome dimension of this ugly spectacle is the systematic and well rehearsed evil plots to disgrace and humiliate highly distinguished icons of Udi descent. Rewind:
Scene One: Sullivan Chime sacrificed his senatorial ambition for the sake of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. Immediately Ugwuanyi became Governor, the opponents of Chime went to town with the story that it was Ifeoma Nwobodo who made Uguwanyi Governor, even when it was clearly evident that the former Chief of Staff betrayed Sullivan. Every dick and harry knew that had the ace to decide who becomes the governor in 2015 was that of Sullivan Chime. Today, Chime’s’s traducers had been unrelenting with their falsehood and jaundiced analysis of the power play and transaction that made Sullivan to settle for Ugwuanyi.

Scene two: The deputy Governor Barrister Cecilia Ezeilo, has been severally been mentioned as the reason why Udi people should not produce a senator in the divide and rule tactics strategy of the opponents of Ndi Udi. Barr. Ezeilo is indeed a great daughter of Udi but married to an Ezeagu man, that have produced a senator but it is most likely that Ezeilo would vote for Ike Ekweremadu, who did everything possible to hurt Sullivan’s political ambition? Or have we forgotten how the former President Goodluck Jonathan pressurized Sullivan to drop his senatorial ambition to ensure that Ekweremadu remain the senator of Enugu West? These are some of the questions taken from questions, begging for answers.
Again, does it ever come to our subconscious that the great legends like CC Onoh was arrested and detained 12 times at Kirikiri maximum security prison, Enechi Onyia arrested and detained 6 times, that Abdulazeez Udeh severally gave out his aircraft in pursuit of WAWA cause, That Justices Aniagolu and Nnaemeka Agu had to put their jobs on line to ensure that Enugu State was created? The list is endless. But who is remembering these icons of WAWA nationalism or did State Enugu fell from heaven? Why should an Udi son or daughter be denied what rightly belong to him or her. Why the conspiracy against Udi people?
That Ndi Udi has always produced the Ministers is not a reason to deny them what rightly belong to them because it akin to denying a man his inheritance because he was successful in a distance land. For example, if a man leaves his home and became very successful in a distant land to the extent of owning landed property in such a distance land, will it not be wicked to deny him his family inheritance? When will Ndi Udi realize that their destiny is in their hands, by refusing to be deceived or being used against one another? Did Ndi Udi or Ndi Enugu nominate or suggest Geofrey Onyeama to President Muhammed Buhair to be Minister from Enugu State?
Anambra State is the only State in Igbo land that has produced the President and the Vice President, and if Atiku win, will anybody deny Peter Obi’s zone the right to produce a senator because he is the vice president? Ogun and Katsina States appeared to have produced Nigerian Heads of States and President than other States in this country. Under the current Ugwuanyi administration, there was a deliberate move to equalize development centres in Enugu State. The question is: why equalize the number of Development. How do you imagine that Udi with 20 wards will have the same number of development centres as Aninri with ten wards? Bayelsa State has seven local government, yet it is a state. Why not give them the same number of local government as Kano or Enugu State?
For avoidance of doubt, the reason for highlighting this negative prognosis in this piece is to draw our attention to a dangerous trend of politics of envy, bitterness, marginalization, blackmail and pull them down syndrome that is trying to envelop our beloved State. In our parochial setting where ignorance, falsehood, propaganda and half-truth are dished to the people by political leaders, it becomes very easy to manipulate and exploit the led. This is not good for the development of Enugu State.
These are deliberate case political gerrymandering and marginalization to check-mate Udi people, will not help anyone because it is an ill-wind that blows no one any good. Let me say this: any Udi man or woman who fails to vote for Juliet Ibekaku Nwagu irrespective of political leaning or affiliation in the on-coming senatorial election should be ashamed of him or herself. It would unfortunate that the hated would hate him or herself. Go and check the number and quality of constituency projects Ekweremadu did in Aninri and the one he did in Udi or Ezeagu Local Government. Agbajas, it is now of never.
Juliet Ibekaku is our own Esther – Ada Eji ejem Mba. The law of natural justice, equity, fairplay and good conscience is the golden rule all mortals aspire to play. This law beckons on us to do the needful; VOTE FOR TRUTH, VOTE FOR EQUITY, VOTE FOR GOOD CONSCIENCE for the glory of God to shine in us. Udi and Agbaja, arise and shine for thy glory hour has come. Enugu West people arise and say no to this ungodly domination and injustice. Barr. Juliet Ibekaku Nwagu represents this new vision, the paradigm shift for Ndi Enugu West – she is eminently qualified to represent us well. He track record is there, and indeed intimidating. In this election, it is not about party but about the destiny, the glory and overall interest of our people – not a personal interest. We can do it because we have the capacity to say enough is enough.

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