7 awesome apps you might’ve missed in 2018

  1. Most times you keep using the same password you’ve used for all your important stuff for the last couple of years. You tell yourself it’s safe because you have a capital letter, a number, and a symbol in there. Get a password manager app today. Don’t get phised!.




2. No 2– FILES BY GOOGLE The central aim of the app is to help you clean up your phone storage. It has a dedicated clean section which detects duplicate files, unused apps, potentially useless photos, and large downloaded files.

– This is very useful if crap from WhatsApp groups or other chat apps keeps piling up in your phone. The app also has all the goodies of a traditional file explorer including a powerful file search .


No 3 – Snap Speed Your phone probably came with some photo editing tools built in, but if you really want to get the best of your pictures, you’ll want to try Snapseed. Snapseed also comes with plenty of tools for everything from automatically straightening your shots.

adjust curves, to applying HDR-like effects, to adding tonal contrast, grain, and vignetting, and even expanding your frame. and did I mention that it’s absolutely free for Android and iOS?🥳
No 4 – Streak Streak is a nifty email tracker for Gmail, You can now monitor when someone has read your emails. Sure, You still have to chase people for replies. The best part is that the tracking component is practically invisible to the recipient.
though I should note that certain extensions (like ad-blockers) might interfere with its functionality. So it’s not always 100 percent accurate
No 5 – instLife This weird little life simulation app was made by indie game developer The app’s interface is barebones, like the internet’s earliest HTML sites, but that’s part of its charm and weirdness.
In InstLife you live out randomly generated lives by making life-defining decisions, such as going to college, getting married, having children, and dying. It’s great.
No 6 – Temp mail Tired of dropping your email on a random website you visited just to do a stuff or two and getting over 100 emails the next day from these spammy websites you will eventually not open. try
TempMail will generate a random email address for you, and inbox for that address to allow you to sign up to those pesky websites. It’s a great way of maintaining some anonymity and keeping your main email free from phishers, scammers, and dodgy data buyers.
Of course, if you like what you see you can then update to use your real email address🥳
Oh boy, brace yourself for my fav contribution to this list.🥳
7 *drum rolls* – Canva !!!!   Canva is an online tool for making amazing graphics using simple drag and drop tools. The company has finally launched its app. Which gives you all the functionality of its web version in an app form.
You can create youtube thumbnails, youtube channel banner, graphics for your Instagram post and much more. So if you want to create some awesome graphics with your phone download Canva now.🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳






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